Battery in Statham, NH

 If you're planning a trip maybe out of state for vacation or across New Hampshire it's a good idea to get your battery checked at AutoFair Nissan of Stratham, NH. Something that significantly reduces the life span of your battery is heat. You want to check the level of water in the battery cells at least once a month more often in the summer months or in warmer climates.

Down south where it's hotter the life expectancy of your battery can be about four years or less if you don't check the battery, but your battery is more likely to fail in the summer months in any state. A battery properly taken care of and only exposed to mild temperatures can last about six years. Exposure to heat will significantly reduce the life of your battery.

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 In cooler regions like Massachusetts your battery should last for almost the duration of the expiration date on the battery. If you're planning any long trips through warmer climates like down south over the summer especially it's probably a good idea to come see our service department at AutoFair Nissan of Stratham, NH to make sure your battery and alternator are still in good condition.

If you're like most people, you probably take your battery for granted because it really is low maintenance. But if your vehicle won't start you'll remember you have a battery obviously. If you're close to home a dead battery may not be a major problem, but if you're in the middle of a trip somewhere out of state say down south in August and your car won't start you'll most likely have to call your road side service if you have one. Your road side assistance guy isn't going to be able to help much if your battery is completely dead and won't take a charge except to offer you a ride to the nearest auto repair shop or parts store where you'll most likely get taken to the cleaners for a generic battery.

Hey what if you get back, put the battery in, get a few miles farther down the road and you find out it's the alternator or just a loose belt? Here at AutoFair Nissan of Stratham, NH we use only Nissan approved parts and fluids to keep your Nissan vehicle running smoothly or whatever vehicle you happen to drive and we'll make sure you're ready for any long trip you may need to take.

We'll make sure your battery and alternator are good to go anywhere. We'll get you in and out quickly because we know you have better things to do. 

Before you leave for that trip come see us to make sure all your belts, hoses and battery are in top condition. We want you to make it there and back safely. Your service is our service at AutoFair Nissan of Stratham, NH.

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