Leasing a new Nissan at our New Hampshire dealership serving Exeter and Newmarket gives you more choices than your typical purchase plan. Term flexibility, mileage allocation, and a predetermined buy-out price are just a few advantages of choosing this method. Find a car that fits your needs and give us a call at 603-580-4598 to schedule a test drive!

What Can a SignatureLEASE from Nissan Offer You?

Term Flexibility

You can lease a new Nissan for anywhere between 24 months to 60 months

Varying Mileage Allowances

12,000 miles per year may not cut it for some drivers. With a Nissan lease, you may allocate as many miles as you need and build it into your lease plan.

Bang for Your Buck

Leasing a new car will typically allow you to get a better-equipped vehicle at AutoFair Nissan for a lower payment than that of a purchase plan.

GAP Insurance

Guaranteed Asset Protection (GAP) covers you in the case of a total loss on the vehicle. This is available free of charge and ensures that you don't have to pay a dime in the unfortunate instance of a total loss. Some manufacturers charge upwards of $800 for this coverage.

Pay for What You Use

When leasing a new Nissan, you are only making payments on the portion of the vehicle that you are using. This is unlike a purchase, where you make payments on the entire price of the vehicle.

Tax Benefits

If used for business, you may receive additional tax benefits depending on the state.

More Options at the End

At the end of your lease, you may choose a number of options. These options include turning it in, trading it in, or buying your lease for the residual amount.

Warranty Coverage

Leasing a new Nissan offers peace-of-mind knowing that your vehicle has original factory warranty coverage. In a majority of cases, you will have coverage for the entire duration of the lease.

Predetermined Buy-Out Price

When you lease a new Nissan, the residual amount is locked-in from the start. The residual value is the amount that you can purchase your lease for at the end. It doesn't change and Nissan takes the risk of market value being more or less than the amount.

Disposition Fee Waiver

Nissan will waive any disposition fee if you choose to lease or purchase another new Nissan.

Available Wear and Use Allowance